Whats new in 2019 - important Immigration law changes

Partner visa Sponsorship changes - Act 162, 2018 given Royal Assent 10 December 2018

Longer processing for partner visas will be the order of the day due to legislation changes effected December 2018 - separate Sponsorship assessment and approval will be required before lodging your partner visa subclass applications.

Sponsors applications will need to be approved before a visa applicant can lodge a partner visa subclasses 820/801 (combined) onshore - this will have serious repercussions for partners who hold short term visas or whose current substantive visa is about to expire. Same process will apply to offshore partner visa subclasses 309/100 (combined) or subclass 300 Prospective Marriage

This legislation was first proposed in 2016 - it is now law having been passed by Parliament in late 2018, and was signed into law on 10 December 2018. The supporting Regulations will now be amended as required.

This should ring alarm bells for any future partner applicants - to apply and lodge ASAP

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