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Smarter Immigration is located in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, and is operated by the Principal migration agent Ian McGovern MMigrationLaw&Prac MARN1065703.   The agent has a long standing connection with the Sunshine Coast.  Ian has experience in a diverse range of businesses, from multinationals to SME businesses as well as government business enterprises and public sector roles.  His experience includes nearly 20 years working in the Immigration industry - a senior migration agent with some 15 years immigration law experience added to 5 years immigration/border roles working in Australia's busiest international airport.

With 15 years senior commercial  financial and management accounting experience in a diverse range of businesses,  the registered migration agent also has an extensive understanding of business 

operations and financial reporting.  The agent is well qualified to assist business clients with matters requiring a clear understanding of financials and operations, such as for employer sponsorship and nomination applications for subclass 482 or subclass 186 Employer Nomination or subclass 187  Regional Nominated (employer nominator) migration visas, as well as investor visa applications. 

Smarter Immigration assists family matters such as parents to re-unite with their children using long term visitor or to migrate using Contributory Parent visas.  At times children are left overseas and need assistance to migrate using Child visa or Dependent Child visas.  

Our agent is an Australian born citizen but knows only too well the difficulties that partners go through due to separation as a result of immigration decision making.  Being married to a Filipina since 1997 he has assisted many partner visa applicants from diverse cultures to visit or migrate to a better life in Australia.  

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